Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

Current Approvals

Ocean Rain Hand Soap & Sanitiser Approvals

C52 Ocean Rain Hand Lotion

C54 Ocean Rain Hand Sanitiser

Ocean Rain Hand Sanitiser - Recognition of Dairy Maintenance Compound (DMC)


Ocean Foam Hand Soap Approvals

C51 Ocean Foam Anti Bacterial

Ocean Foam Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap - Recognition of Dairy Maintenance Compound (DMC)

C52 Ocean Foam Hand Lotion

C51 Ocean Foam Frequent Use


Sorb-X Surface Wipe Approvals

C44 SorbX Surface Wipes

C38 SorbX Surface Wipes


BioProtect Approval

C38 BioProtect Multi-Purpose Cleaner

C64 BioProtect Drain Cleaner


Iso Technologies Approvals

C38 Iso Pro3 Cleaner / Sanitiser

C38 Iso Outdoor Cleaner